Celebrating Adelaide Alsop Robineau

Posted on March 5, 2021 by


This month we are celebrating Women’s History Month

Celebrated ceramicist Adelaide Alsop Robineau (1865–1929) was the pride of Syracuse. If you are a Syracuse pothead then you love Robineau’s Scarab Vase, a piece that has pride of place in the superb Everson Museum of Art’s Ceramics Collection. Now the Everson has created a lovely little Scarab Vase souvenir, a limited edition enamel pin that can be worn as brooch or a lapel, tie, or hat pin or any way you like.

Of course, you can visit the real vase on view at the Everson at the entrance to the Ceramics Gallery. And until March 14 you can see about a dozen other Robineau vases – including the Crab and Poppy vases -that are on view in a gallery upstairs in the company of painting of about the same period, in the “Legacy of Firsts: The Everson Collects Exhibit” that comes down soon.